Shingles - Five Days to Relief


On the evening of February 26, Madeleine touched her scalp on top of her head and said she felt a burning sensation.


On the morning of day two, she had a rash that had spread from the top of her head, down to her forehead, and it was developing small blisters. We went to an urgent care facility.

The diagnosis was shingles. By the time we left the urgent care, the rash and pain were down to her left eyebrow. The blisters had grown to half-inch circles, and her eyelid was also puffing up with fluid.

We went home, prayed for guidance, and researched the benefits and side effects of the herbs and medicines commonly used for shingles, along with clinical trials that compared their effectiveness.

We chose Olive Leaf extract. 750mg capsules with 150mg of Oleuropein each. We started with a low dose, dividing each capsule into thirds. She took four, spread throughout the day.

The next day, we increased the dosage to 150mg of Oleuropein, seven times per day, spread throughout the day.

We added oregano oil, two drops in a teaspoon of olive oil as a carrier, with food. She ingested the oregano/olive oil mixture once per day.

She also ingested one tablespoon of colloidal silver, five times per day.

Since shingles in the eyes can cause temporary or permanent blindness, the rash was encroaching on her eye, she placed one to two drops of colloidal silver in her eye, every two hours.

We also started her on 1,000mg of L-Lysine, 3 times per day to make her body less hospitable to viruses. She also started drinking alkaline water for the same purpose.


On the morning of day three, the redness in her eye had diminished.

We researched how to decrease the pain. A long list of OTC products came up, which we bought and tried. None of them took the pain away, so we approached it as if we were using herbs. They work better in combination than alone, so we made a cream from the following ingredients:

     ¼ cup - Real Aloe Vera Jelly.

We chose that particular brand because of its consistency, thick but still a liquid.

     2 tsp - Witch Hazel

     2 tsp – Bactine Max

We chose Max because it contains both Lidocaine and Benzocaine to address itching and pain.

     ½ tsp – Epson Salt

     ½ tsp – Non-Iodized Sea Salt

We dissolved the salts in a ¼ cup of distilled water and added 3 tsp to the cream mixture.

     ½ tsp – 10PPM Colloidal Silver

     ½ tsp – Neem Oil

     ½ Cup – Baking Soda

     ¼ Cup – Colloidal Oatmeal

We ground organic oatmeal to a fine powder, using a blender.

     ¼ tsp – Raw Organic Honey

If the mixture is too thick, thin with Bactine. If it’s too thin, thicken with Baking Soda and or Oatmeal.

Colloidal silver is damaged by light, so keep the cream in a drawer or dark-colored glass.

She applied a coating of the cream on the rash, including her scalp. When the cream dried, she applied another layer on top, allowed it to dry, and applied another layer until there were five layers.

The cream dried to a fairly hard shell.

After a few hours, the pain subsided slightly, but she still needed to take pain meds that night.


On the morning of day four, the pain was completely gone, the redness in her eye was gone, and the rash stopped spreading.

The blisters had dried out and were becoming sores.

She soaked the hardened cream area in the tub to soften it, washed the cream off, then applied fresh layers, one about every hour until it was a five-layer shell again, and left it on overnight.

To make the unaffected skin around the rash area less susceptible to the virus, she rubbed the oregano/olive oil mixture on the unaffected skin.


On the morining of day five, sores left over from the blisters started scabbing over, but there was lots of swelling above and beneath her eyes, and in her cheeks. She was almost unrecognizable. Her left eye was nearly swollen shut. Her body needed help, so we researched edema and learned about lymph and edema massages.

We used Castor Oil for lymph massages to help get the toxins and liquids moving into her lymph nodes.

After lymph massages, we used castor oil to massage her face, working from the center out and downward to move the liquid towards the lymph nodes in her neck and lower face.

The first massage resulted in a noticeable decrease in the swelling. A few hours later, it looked even better.

To protect her eye from the rash in her eyelid, we placed two drops of oregano oil in castor oil, and she rubbed a drop on her eyelid. The thickness of castor oil made it less likely to get into her eye.


On the morning of day six, the swelling was greatly reduced. We repeated the lymph and facial massages daily. After five days of massages, the swelling was completely gone. All that was left of the appearance of shingles were the scabs.

In five days, the pain and spreading of shingles was stopped. In another five, the edema in her face was gone. On day ten, she began applying cocoa butter to the scabs to minimize scarring.

Starting on day fifteen, we reduced the olive leaf to a maintenance dosage of 150mg of Oleuropein per day for five days then two days off each week. She's off the oregano oil, and she remains on low dose colloidal silver.


We're not doctors. This is not medical advice. It is the story of what we did to get Madeleine through shingles, quickly. We’ve read of people suffering from shingles pain for months. We hope that our experience might help stop someone's suffering more quickly. Always consult your doctor.



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